Все Курсы Иностранных Языков


преподаватель английского языка
Языковые курсы:
Языковая школа Ils (Химки, Молодёжная 61)
Языковая школа Ils (Митинская 36к1)
Языковая школа Ils (Внуковское, Самуила Маршака 12)
Языковая школа Ils (Красногорск, Парковая 8)
Языковая школа Ils в Чертаново (Кировоградская 23А)
Языковая школа Ils (Одинцово, Северная 5к4)
Языковая школа Ils в Одинцово (Одинцово, Маршала Неделина 6А)
Языковая школа ILS БЦ "Империал" (Одинцово, Можайское 83)
ILS International Language School (Заречье, Берёзовая 1А)
ILS International Language School (Одинцово, Можайское 122)
ILS International Language School (Родионовская 12)
ILS International Language School (Химки, Калинина 9)
ILS International Language School (Химки, Бабакина 1А)
ILS International Language School (Красногорск, Красногорский 19)
ILS International Language School (Красногорск, Успенская 3)
ILS International Language School (Одинцово, Новоспортивная 14)

University of South Pacific

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Сертификат TEFL

О себе:

As a ESL English teacher I realised that as long as you are prepared for lessons and are willing to accept that things might not go to plan, teaching can be an extremely rewarding and an unforgettable experience. After each class I find myself leaving the students with a massive smile on my face and knowing that this is the type of work that I love doing. I found that teaching English to non-native students don't have to be about some big complex theory on how different our language systems are. Simple games and activities always work the best. Start off with an Ice Breaker and after the students have played it a few times, you can switch it up to make it more challenging and fun. Once you’ve found a few failsafe games, your job will become easier and you can elaborate on them with different language structures, rather than going into full winded explanations. I love working with all age group as it’s the best excuse to release your inner child; when used frequently, it’s harder to lock it away again. Life becomes more colourful; the classroom is your stage. Students especially young adults learn the best when they’re having fun, so if the teacher is having fun, it adds to the excitement. By incorporating some target language into the games for optimum memorization and language production. Silliness is not only encouraged, it’s expected.